It’s taking a while to get started (it’s also taking a while to write this, but more on that later) but I have some content on the way. A couple of days ago I started working on a what I eat in a day post, but then for dinner we decided to have fries instead of what we had planned because we were both that tired. And yes, by fries I mean just fries, vegan mayo and curry (for those who don’t know it, by curry I mean the type used in German currywurst, not the asian kind), that’s it. Well, ok, I had raw minced onions too. But noone wants to see that, right? So I decided to finish it the day after, on saturday, but we were lazy, stayed in bed till about two and went out to get stuff for brunch: baguette and ciabatta with hummus and veggies. Both of us ate so much of that we didn’t feel like having dinner at all, so we just had some snacks, again not much to post about. On sunday I was too lazy and tired (I slept incredibly poorly) to do anything at all really, so I didn’t. Tonight we’ll have a proper dinner again, so I will take pictures of that and I will post it tomorrow.

Maybe a bit more exciting to come is the budget challenge I’ve been planning. It will be a two week challenge during which I will post every day. I have set the budget €50 a week, so that’s €25 per person. But more on that in a couple of days.

So why did it take so long to type this? My keyboard is sticky, or at least, I hope that’s it. W@i8t5ho9u7t5 u7si8ng backspace3 my6 w2r4i8t5i8ng w2o9u7ld lo9o9k li8ke3 t5hi8s. Yesterday we spilled beer over my laptop. I turned it of as quickly as I could so it wouldn’t get fried. Then we cleaned it as well as we could without taking the keys off and let it dry for the night. We didn’t know if it would make it, so I pretty much had Schrodingers laptop until I checked it this morning. It made it, but not without consequenses. I decided to start saving for an Imac, whether my macbook made it or not. I want to be able to watch netflix on our tv, so my laptop is not a super expensive netflix machine with drinks right next to it anymore. So I already turned our dining table (which we never used anyway) into a desk space and I finally made that back up I’ve been putting of for years. So it has good sides too. Well, should be off cleaning my keyboard before making my next post. See you later.

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