Vegan food haul

That what I eat in a day post I promised you is still not ready, but at least I do have a grocery haul to show you. I went to three shops today, because neither of them have everything we needed. I try to avoid having to go to more than one shop in a day, but sometimes you just have to and honestly I was just on a roll today. So here it is…


First I went to AH. I only really go there to stock up on meat subs, because they’re the only one who stock tivall, which is fairly affordable and really yummy. Vivera is about the same price range, but not as good, with a few exceptions, but that’s probably just a matter of taste. These chicken style schnitzels are new to me. “De vegetarische slager” or vegetarian butcher is rather expensive, but those nuggets are so good they’re worth it once in a while. Today I was very positively surprised to find their veggie section doubled. They now have the most veggie products of the three main supermarkets in town even though they’re the smallest. In fact, if it was bigger, it would probably be my favorite supermarket, but I will definitely go there more now they have so much veggie stuff. Oh and they’re the only one in town who sell clif bars, including the health food store, so I can’t really leave without a few of those. This haul cost about €26 and will probably last us about a month. I froze half to keep it fresh longer.


Second was agrimarkt. The main reason I went there was because we needed cat food, but who wants to see that. They’re also the only ones who sell this vegan mayo, which is the only affordable vegan mayo that actually tastes like mayo available here. And their produce is best. The young coconuts were new and surprisingly enough less expensive than at the asian food store. I couldn’t help laughing about the fact that they call them “huisjes kokosnoot” or little house coconut, probably after their shape. I just get them as treat every now and then by the way, because they’re rather expensive. Tomatoes are expensive as hell now, but I really wanted fresh salsa on my burrito later this week. Oh, the lemonade syrup is for my partner, while I actually prefer water he loathes it and lives of this stuff.  This haul, not including the cat food, was just short of €20.


Lastly I went to jumbo. I went there for the bread and peanut butter. The avocados are one of the few produce items that are actually better too. Right next to the avocados is marzipan. It’s one of those hate it or love it foods that I really love but my partner hates. It’s seasonal and expensive though, so this too is an exception. This haul was a little bit more than €18.

Oh, a little bit of news on the state of my laptop: it stopped sticking by itself, so I didn’t have to clean it. Though I probably should anyway with the accumulation of dust and other grossness.

I hope you liked this post and that I wasn’t to much all over the place. I’m tired and my head is a mess, so my writing tends to be as well when that happens. See you soon.

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