Produce haul and more

Earlier this week I already told you about the decluttering I have been doing. This took way bigger form than I would ever have imagined and it’s wonderful. My partner caught the bug as well and both of us have been downsizing the amount of stuff we have by heaps. We’ve thrown stuff out and given stuff away by the box. It gives such a lovely light feeling, even a bit dreamy. We have moved furniture around too. Both of us have a desk in the living room now and yet it’s lighter and roomier than ever, but maybe that’s just the new feeling and the amount of dust we fought off in the process. Stuff we don’t use as often but definitely still use moved upstairs to make place for stuff that was previously upstairs but use more often. Basically our living room change from a typical family living room based on what we have to a multi-functional room based on what we do. When we moved in we planned on both having our own ‘hobby’ rooms, but since we don’t have central heating we’re never there, specially in winter. Mine turned into a laundry room when we got a dryer and my partners room slowly but surely turned into a storage room, which is surprisingly empty now. I think we’re actually becoming minimalists. Not in the all-my-stuff-fits-in-one backpack kind of sense, that’s not for us. But definitely in the sense that we stopped buying needles clutter, give or throw away stuff we only kept for sentimental value and stuff like that. We might have the storage space now, but we won’t always have that luxury. But we might gain the luxury of central heating and a decent bathroom instead, so that’s a price I’m willing to pay.

But I promised you a produce haul, so here it is:


This weeks produce haul isn’t very big because we’re on a budget, specially now with Vegfest and the holidays coming up. At least I was able to convince my mom not to do secret santa this year but just dinner, so that’s great. The amount of fruit suffered most, my usual smoothie for breakfast has been replaced with oatmeal. We do have a lot of avocados this week because the organic ones were on sale for 50 cents each. Then there’s the veggies. Green onions, because they go pretty much anything. Ginger, because it’s nice and warming. A lot of mushrooms since they’re in season. I’m not a big fan of the texture, they would almost make me throw up as a child, but since we went vegan I have come to appreciate them and even like the taste. I often use them in soups and broths, but my partner likes them pretty much any way imaginable, he’s always been a big fan of them. Kale and sauerkraut are both lunch foods for me, because my partner doesn’t like them, but I always crave them in the colder months. I really wish it wouldn’t be nearly impossible to find kale by the stalk here. Most of it is cut up specially for mash, so you can’t really use it for anything else than that and maybe a stir fry or things like that. It’s too dry to juice or blend properly, too small to make kale chips and it’s considered very much a winter vegetable as well so it’s not available year round either. Last year I grew my own which was amazing. It tasted way better, I could juice it, I could make kale chips and I never seemed to run out even though I only had 8 plants. And it hardly needed any tending  too, so I’d love to grow it again.

The peppers are bit late, but they’re surprisingly yummy and juicy. One of them was a bit broken, but I’m pretty sure I only ordered two, so hey I’m not complaining. I love them for munching, because they’re a bit sweeter than bell peppers. Usually I find them too expensive, but they were on sale too. Cucumber is also for munching and for sandwiches and salads (though salads aren’t really happening in the cold months, I’m a really big sucker for hot food when it’s cold outside). This time of year lettuce (in the back) is mostly used for sandwiches and wraps in our house. The baby potatoes are great because they’re unprocessed but still don’t need peeling, you can just toss them in the oven, a steamer or tajine as they are. I love the green beans and carrots for their versatility, they just go with so many dishes and cuisines. The Chinese cabbage goes in pretty much any stir fry I make. I usually just take of leafs and cut those off instead of cutting the entire thing to make it last longer. And last but not least, a pumpkin, because what’s autumn without at least one pumpkin. I’ll probably make it into a creamy soup with some mushrooms. Don’t forget to use the seeds if you get one!

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