What’s on my desk

Because I’m minimalising I want to show you what’s on my desk. It’s not exactly just a laptop, 1 notebook, 1 pen and a desk light. There’s quite a bit on my desk. You might think that’s not very minimalistic, but I use all of it and everything as it’s own spot. There’s only one thing that doesn’t really belong, because it has nowhere else to go, but that’s a fruit bowl, that’s never a bad thing to have within reach.


Let’s just start on the left. I always have a bottle of water on my desk, it’s never a bad think to have water within reach. Well, unless you spill it all over your laptop… But if you make sure the cap is alway on it when you’re not drink that should not be a problem. Then of course my laptop. A desk light for when I work at night, which I need a lot now it’s dark early. The tea glass is often just sitting on my desk empty because I use the same one several times and only wash it at the end of the day. Why waste energy and water if you’re going to drink the same thing anyway? Right next to me are my pens, pencils and some other drawing stuff. The box they’re in once had a lid, but it broke of at some point. On my desk I like it without lid actually. I should really give that thing a make over some day. Behind that are my letter organizers. The top one contains notebooks, my pen tablet, envelopes and my hard drive. My hard drive is there so it’s high up, thus dry when something spills, but easy to grap to make regular back ups. The second one contains reading material, the bottom two contain mail, one for mail that still has to be looked at, one with mail that has to be archived. Next to that are two boxes of tea, which I am trying to reduce to one (I’m not allowing myself to buy new tea until there’s space in the one box). In front of that is my camera equipment, or at least the stuff I use regularly. In front of that is a box with snacks (don’t do that if you eat it all in one sitting, unless it’s something healthy) and a bowl for used tea bags. All of that is sitting on two packs of drawing paper, because it doesn’t fit in any of the downstairs closets or cupboards, but I do want it within reach. I do want to find a solution for that though. Than there’s a bowl of sugar (yes, I use sugar in my tea), tape and a bowl of clutter. In that bowl is only clutter I actually use though, such as my wallet, my headphones and vitamins (that way I don’t forget to take them). The windowsill is a bit of a mess for now, because the curtains still need to be shortened and I need something for the cables. And my cat is a messy eater, but he likes to eat somewhat high up, so there’s nothing to be done about that.

I hope you found this interesting, or is it just my autistic ass that cares about stuff like this? Let me know. See you next time.

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