Blogmas #1

Hi guys,

I know I promised you a budget challenge, but I realized I don’t even have a single two week period without dinners out and things like that, so I decided to put that of to januari. Me? Procrastinating? I would never… But I promise you, it is coming.

So I’m doing blogmas instead. 24 days of me telling you about my day that is. I might have to do a couple of days of writing from my phone because of a weekend away with my family, but at least that means you will probably get to read some drama.

Speaking of drama, I think I’ve done enough minimalising for now. I got locked out because of it today. Yes, locked out because of minimalising. Let me tell you the story. All of our bins except the compost one are full, that includes our kitchen bin. So I hung up a bin bag on the bolt of our back door. So today when I went outside to grab the stuff to clean the litterbox only to find the door of the shed locked. When I had turned around the weight of the bin bag (which wasn’t even that much, it mostly had empty packaging in it) caused the bolt do close. To help you visualize, it’s one of those bolts often found on windows where the thing points up if it’s open and down if it’s closed.

Since I had no keys I couldn’t get back in (Because who grabs keys if they only go 2 meters from their door that opens from the outside as well? Certainly not me…) nor had my phone with me to call anyone (though all spare keys are for the back door, so it wouldn’t have made a difference anyway) I was locked out. I did not feel like spending 3 hours in the cold or at neighbours (who might not have been home) to wait for my partner to get home from work so I decided to break into my own freaking house.

The bolt wasn’t all the way down, so it could be opened without pushing the button, so that was going to be my strategy. I started looking for stuff I could get through the catflap. Honestly, sometimes a mess is an advantage, because I actually used a pvc pipe we used for a cheapass greenhouse once, which caused it to be bent. It took me about 45 minutes and one hell of a lot of frustration (that pipe was wobbly as fuck, but it was the only thing I could actually reach the bolt with), but then I finally managed.

How many times I almost broke a window to just be able to reach that bolt. I even almost attempted to climb in through an open upstairs window, but then I realized the roof thingy between the shed and the house would not hold me. But every time I managed to get myself together just long enough for another attempt. In the end I got in without breaking a single thing. I’ve been exhausted since, but I’m kind of proud too.

Oh and the volunteer schedule for Vegfest finally came in. I’m going to be one of three photographers, so I’m going to be able to take pictures for the blog as well! It’s coming up this sunday, so that’s going to be very soon. I cant’t wait to meet a lot of people again, maybe even meeting new people, taste all of the food and more. I’m really looking forward to it.

I hope you enjoyed my story. Till next time!

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