Blogmas #2

Hi guys!

Today is day two of blogmas. Not much happened today, it was pretty much a cleaning day. In fact for the first time ever I properly cleaned the windows. Turns out that’s a lot less work than I thought it would be. Why do parents always make such a big deal of cleaning? The more my mom tries to motivate me to clean the less I want to do. Along with the windows I also cleaned the windowsills and spruised up the plants.

I also made some decorations for on the table.dsc_0033

The oranges with cloves are seasonal (this is the closest we get to christmas decorations) and make the house smell really nice and the fresh herbs are a cute alternative for flowers. They’re a lot cheaper and they’re functional as well. This is oregano.

A fresh produce order came in today as well. Again not that much, but it will have to do. Lately I’m glad if I can order any at all.dsc_0010

Lastly I made some energy bars to take with me on sunday, just in case I don’t have time to get food. And if I don’t eat them… Well, I’ll have an easy breakfast on monday. I’ll take pictures of those tomorrow, because it’s dark now.

Now it’s time for dinner and a cosy night in afterwards. I’ll be back tomorrow with more blogmas. See you then!

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