Blogmas #3

Hi guys,

Today is a bit of a short one. Today was a day of house chores and preparing for Vegfest. We finished some stuff we had to do in order to get new social housing, since our current house is going to be demolished in a couple of years. We found out so called affordable housing isn’t that affordable anymore. They litterally don’t allow us to rent anything for less than a third of our combined income. Add to that a mandatory healthcare insurance (which I wouldn’t mind if they would actually pay for stuff), utilities, food and clothes and that leaves pathetically less for things that aren’t necessaties. And that’s on a fulltime job and disability benefits. Imagine if I could not get those benefits or if my partner couldn’t work a fulltime job. There’s so many people even worse of than we are and we barely make it. We are somehow above the poverty line. I can’t imagine how hard it must be for people under that line. I’m so sick of being trapped by capitalism.

Ok, enough depressing stuff. I got my camera packed, I got my powerbars packed, some dates and a waterbottle. And of course my train ticket and some money to spend. Oh speaking of those bars, I’m going to post that picture later, but I took it, I promise.

My partner doesn’t have band rehearsal tonight, so all that’s left now for today is kick back and have a relax night in togheter. It’s going to be an early one though, because tomorrow will be a long day.

Tomorrows post will probably be late, but trust me, it will be worth the wait, because VegfestNL is amazing. Sorry for the exhausted word vomit, tomorrow will be better (and with pictures). See you then.

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