Blogmas #5

My legs were so sore this morning! Even sitting on a chair hurt like hell. But some stretches made a great improvement to that.

Remember those donuts from yesterday? Those were my breakfast. So the aftermath of Vegfest is not all bad. Ok, maybe my body felt different about that, but damn they were yummy! I also had one of those bars left I made. Which I should finally show you…


This was very satisfying:


Now I know this I will use that baking tin more often.

After breakfast I got another cleaning spree. Two more boxes of stuff gone. Mostly decorative stuff and secondhand books. Then I made my partner who was home sick some breakfast; a small piece of two of my cupcakes, fruit and a thermos of tea.

Then I had to sort out the pictures I took yesterday and mail them. Then I wrote yesterdays blogpost, because I was way to tired yesterday.

After that exhaustion kicked in and we ordered food because neither of us wanted to cook.

Saturday we decided we should snack healthier and try to avoid impuls food shopping. Not a good start… But I just soaked some chickpeas, so tomorrow I will make hummus. Oh and we have to go cheap because we’re broke af, so you’re sort of getting a budget challenge, but at least now I can use my pantry.

I think I should call it a day before I start rambling too much. See you tomorrow!

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