Blogmas #7

Hi guys,

This is day 7 of my blogmas series. Today is going to be another bit of tired rambling, because I cleared out my wardrobe today. I planned to do more but clearing out my wardrobe took so much more work than I expected, it literally took me all day. It was definitely worth it though.


Breakfast was oatmeal with those berries I bought yesterday and a handfull of chocolate chips on top, because well… chocolate. This was definately a succes, specially the cherries omg, I’m probably going to do a cherry one in the future as well.

While making breakfast I started a load of laundry. From the time I started eating my breakfast until the dryer was done I have been reading The life changing magic of tidying up (for those who don’t know it, that’s the book about the KonMari decluttering method, I really recommend it if you’re looking to declutter your home).

Then when the laundry was done, about 11 I think I started a load of laundry for my partner and started sorting out my clothes. I started easy, with my socks and underwear, what’s worn or uncomfortable had to go, what’s good stayed. Then my pants, shirts, dresses, sweaters, sports wear and so on. By the time I was done sorting all of it and folding what I wanted to keep it was almost two, so time for lunch.


This was my discard pile so far, yes, including the hangers.

So, lunch…


Avocado pasta once again.

Once the dishes were cleared up (yes, I’m one of those people who has to do the dishes right away or I won’t do them at all) I continued to sort out my clothes. I thought I was pretty much done by now, just sorting out what to donate and what’s thrash. Apparantly not. I opened the boxes under the bed and found more clothes and some bed linnen. Then I found two banana boxes full of mostly bed linnen in another room. So I decided to tidy up the bed linnen too. By now the discard pile had almost doubled in size. Once I was done I ended up donating two banana boxes full of clothes and throwing away two large carbage bags of clothes and other stuff.


Pants, sweaters and sportswear


Socks, underwear, shirts, summer dresses and two formal sweaters/vests.


Three items that did not want to be folded and a sweater I wear whenever it’s not in the laundry (it’s actually drying as we speak).


And all of our bedlinnen.

This is what my wardrobe looks like now. All that’s left hanging in the other room now are my kilt and my cloak (both for cosplays, even though I at one point in my life would have worn the kilt to school). Everything else is neatly stored in the bedroom now. Only four other items are on a hanger now. All my other clothes are neatly folded and tucked into two drawers and the bedlinnen are neatly stored under the bed. Honestly I had no idea we had so much bedlinnen and most of it is almost like new too. So now instead of two drawers where I couldn’t find a thing, a bunch of hanging clothes I never wore because they were in another room and the clothes I wore regularly alwasy being in one of two laundry baskets (one for dirty, one for clean) I actually have a nice overview of what I have.

For dinner I had planned to make teriyaki tofu with noodles and steamed broccoli, but by time I was supposed to be making dinner I was so exhausted we decided to get fries and nuggets instead. That’s a habit we really need to break, as soon as I get at a certain level of tiredness my body just goes ‘hey, I get fries now’. Time to find a healhty (or at least healthier) alternative. The nuggets were so good though, we got Vegetarische slager (Dutch vegetarian butcher) nuggets, they’re the best ever, I bet you could fool meat eaters with them. Also, so much for not buying anymore meat subs… Does buying frozen fruit count as compensation?

Anyway, enough exhausted rambling for today. Hopefully I can make more sense out of tomorrow. Do you like seeing what I’m up to every day, or would you like me to do some themes? Let me know. See you at the next one!

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