Blogmas #10

Hi guys,

Welcome to another day of vlogmas. Today is day 10 already. I’m still a bit sluggish from my period, so this will probably be a short one again.

Breakfast was a bit different this time: a banana and berry smoothie. I’m one of those people who gets really cold from cold food, so even though I love smoothies, this is a typical summer food for me, because of the frozen berries. I had 6 super ripe bananas I didn’t have the heart to let go to waist though, so I made this to eat them all.


Despite being sluggish I did manage to get some decluttering done. Another garbage bag and a full banana box of old papers gone.

My partner went to his parents to get the car (we don’t have one, but as long as they’re not using it we can alway borrow theirs) and come out for me (don’t worry, it was his idea and we talked about it). He spent the afternoon clearing out the shed and driving it to the dump.

I keep giving away stuff that’s still to good to throw out through facebook. It’s super convenient, because you don’t even have to leave your house. It never seizes to amaze me how ungratefull people can be, some people just act as if it’s theirs the moment they respond to your post or as if the world owes it to them, as if everything is theirs for the taking, regardless of other people or our planet. People claiming to want an entire post even though they’re interested in one thing when they’re too lazy to read that I’m giving away stuff per picture. But also the stuff people try to pass of to other people because they’re too lazy to throw it out. Luckily that’s not everyone though, some people are genuinly gratefull and that’s when it’s feels so nice you didn’t through it out and I often wish I had more to give to those people.

Somehow I lost my voice in the afternoon, even though I barely talked. Could it be the dust from all the decluttering. God, I hope our next place will be less dusty, oldness is everywhere in this house. I can’t wait until we get a new place. I skipped lunch today, because somehow I’m lazy and busy at the same time.

Tonight for dinner we had teriyaki tofu. I completely forgot to take a picture, but it’s a regular dish for us, so I was able to dig up an old picture.


I actually took this picture in the summer. Can you tell? In this picture we used udon noodles, but today we used soba noodles. But it’s all about the tofu, so who cares. The recipe is from Japanese cooking by Miyoko Schinner. My partner actually asks for this dish on a regular basis, it’s that good.

At night I tried to bake a cake, but I failed miserably. The cake is so pathetic it’s not even worth a picture. It’s undercooked, didn’t rise, it’s bland and it feels like it’s microwaved instead of baked. Oh well, another learning opportunity I suppose.

That’s it for today. I’ll be back with a new blog tomorrow. Bye!

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