Blogmas #9

Hi guys,

Welcome to my new blog. Sorry I’m a bit late, I’m trying to figure out a way to not just write  exhausted rambling. Guess what, my usual spurt of energy in the morning did not happen today.

Anyway, on to yesterday…

Breakfast was the same oatmeal with berries and chocolate again, so I didn’t take a picture.

Yesterday was also the first day of my period, so hello dysphoria and cramps, by productivity.

Then around three, after still not having done a thing (well except making food obviously) I had finally made my lunch, which was a huge pile of pasta with some leftover tofu, which worked surprisingly well.


Honestly, it was so good, I will probably do that more often. This huge pile should probably have served two, but I almost finished the entire thing. So much for having leftovers the next day. That’s what you get for having lunch that late I guess.

Of course an hour later I wasn’t remotely hungry yet and still hardly had any energy, so instead of a normal dinner and an active night I decided to go for a snack spread and a cosy night in.


We had popcorn, apple with peanut butter, veggie ‘meat’ balls with mustard, olives, bread with hummus and vegan brie and bell pepper which could also be dipped in the hummus. We were so lazy we actually left the dishes for the next day, that’s a rarity for us lately.

That’s it for today. See you later!

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