Blogmas #17

Hi guys,

It’s time for another blogmas post. Once again I’m writing from bed, but most of my family is off to bingo somewhere on the park tonight so it’s actually quiet. Probably not for long though. Hopefully I’ll manage to fall asleep before they get back.

This morning started off with all of us at the breakfast table. Everyone brought their own breakfast so I could just have my regular oatmeal. To sketch the situation a bit for you, we’re with 8 adults and a 2 year old. There’s my mom, her partner (let’s call him my stepdad, after all he’s actually there for me unlike my actual dad), my two stepbrothers, my stepsister with her partner and child and me and my partner. Most of whom are quite loud. So it can be quite exhausting being the only one with autism in my family.

After breakfast most of them went swimming, but my partner and I decided to go for a walk. There were two routes right outside the park, one of 2 km and one of 6 km, we wanted something in between so we decided to follow our noses. We almost got lost and we walked quite a bit more than planned, but in the end we made it back.

This was supposed to be a quiet zone for wildlife, but it was the saddest part of the nature park.
When I first opened google maps to check if we were actually going in the right way I was looking at the wrong holiday park so I though we were going completely the wrong way, but luckily I realized my mistake before we had actually started to head back. We walked about 8 km (5 miles) I think, but the sloping soft ground made it really exhausting. It was pretty much all natural horse track out there.

Mushrooms! I don’t know what these are called in English but their Dutch name translates to antler mushroom.

I had my camera with me, but I forgot to put my sd card back in at home (I did put it in my bag though, so I can use it tomorrow) so I couldn’t take any proper pictures. I have been dragging the thing around for nothing for two hours and to make matters worse I lost my lens cap. At least I had my regular lens with me and not my macro lens, that thing is heavy as f. Around halfway my hips started hurting (yay for loose joints…) and the loose sand wasn’t helping. By the time we had walked about 5,5 km I was exhausted and I honestly don’t know on what power I walked the rest.

When we finally reached the holiday park again.

When we got back we barely had time to clean up a bit and quickly eat some energy bars because they were all waiting for us to go to the Dutch open air museum. They had a Christmas market going on, but honestly the park itself was more interesting. Of course I have been a horrible blogger again and I forgot to take any pictures whatsoever. It was pretty cool though, with old trams, buildings and crafts. The market was not so cool. They had a hunting dog demo alongside the other more common non-vegan stuff.

When we came back we had dinner: table grill. Due to some miscommunications my stepdad bought us some meat substitutes even though we brought our own, but non of them were vegan and it probably wouldn’t have been enough, but luckily my mom decided to eat them so they didn’t go to waste. It’s not the first time they bought something vegetarian and assumed it was vegan. When they have to cook from scratch they do fine but as soon as they have to read ingredients they just don’t bother. So, we just decided to bring our own to avoid that. My mom knew and even paid for it, so what went wrong between them… who knows.

One of my stepbrothers was curious about our food and even wanted to taste it, which was cool. He even urged the others to try it because he actually liked it. But then again, look at it. From fake shrimp to vegan sausages and veggie shoarma.

Doesn’t this look way better than dead animals?

Straight after dinner everyone but my parents and and nephew and me went out and I took another bath. My legs needed it, I could barely get up or lift my legs anymore. I’m feeling a bit better now but I really hope I don’t have to walk too much tomorrow. Everyone else will be going to the zoo, but we made it clear in advance we wouldn’t join them if they would because those poor animals shouldn’t be in cages. So I think they’ll drop us of at some museum. My stepdad was talking about the Van Gogh museum, but that’s in Amsterdam so I highly doubt it.

Ok, what the hell, something is ticking behind the wall but it’s an outside wall. This is really creeping me out. Also the wifi sucks balls and it’s taking 35 ever to upload anything so I gave up and I am now finishing this post on my phone.

Well that’s it for today. I’m exhausted so I’m going to bed. See you tomorrow.

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