Blogmas #18, 19 and 20

Oops, I’m getting behind. Last weekend was very exhausting so I’m a bit low on spoons. That’s why I’m giving you two days at once.

On sunday my family went to the zoo, but my partner and I told them in advance we didn’t want to because of animal rights reasons. They offered to drop us of at the kroller muller museum, which has a garden with statues and quite a large collection of Van Gogh paintings, but we decided to rent bikes instead. My legs were hurting from walking, but cycling was ok.


We rented these bikes at the holiday park and started from there. We also got a paper with some routes on it. There was no map on it, just directions based on a numbered system, so we picked one by distance: 15 km. A village was supposed to be the highlight of the route, but who cares about a small village where nothing is open on a sunday when there’s a beautiful forest.

The first part of the route was a lovely cycling track right through the forest. They even made the track so that you didn’t have to wrestle up a hill in one go for people who aren’t used to the hills (like most Dutch people, in fact in our area the only significant hight differences are man made structures such as dykes and flyovers). The route continued this way pretty much until we reached the village.

Not long after we passed the village we lost our track. So we continued on the road. Not long after that we came across a little tourist spot. Or at least it usually was. What was supposed to be the biggest waterfall of the country (trust me, that’s not impressive) was now under construction. On the parking lot however was a food-truck so we had a snack break.


It’s not common in a lot of places to just have chips (or fries, whatever you call these) with nothing but sauce as a dish by itself isn’t it?

After we finished our food we decided to give up finding our route back altogether and just started following traffic signs back to the village our holiday park was in. Unfortunately that meant sticking to the road, which didn’t exactly always feel safe, even though cyclists were always welcome. At least the forest was pretty.


This was pretty much our route in the end. The cycling track wasn’t on maps, so this is the closest I could get to our actual route. We thought we had cycled about 18 km but it turned out to be about 25 km instead. Somehow in my moms eyes I’m not fit because I underestimated the distance of our bike ride. Does that make sense? Not to me.

We got back before everyone else so my partner took a bath and I took a nice long shower.

We had dinner at the park restaurant. They didn’t have anything vegan on the menu, but even though we only called an hour in advance they made us a starter, a desert and we had three main courses to choose from.

The starter was yellow zucchini filled with warm mushroom tapenade and the desert was a cold melon soup with a scoop of lemon sorbet, both of which I forgot to take a picture of.

For dinner we could choose between a risotto, a salad with asparagus and something with Belgian endive/chicory, so both of us chose the salad.


It may not look like much, but that plate was huge. Specially at the bottom it was a bit too oily, but other than that it was really good.

Pretty much right after dinner I went to bed, because I was that tired. At least I was able to sleep properly this time, because everyone else was tired too. Oh maybe I should tell you a story about the night before. Remember when I told you when they went to bingo? Well they drank quite a bit and one of my stepbrothers drank himself sick. He spent half the night puking as loudly as humanly possible, with the bathroom door open and a lot of moaning, groaning and whining in between, which kept me up for quite a while. I almost had a breakdown because I was that tired, but at least when he felt worse than I did the next morning it was kind of funny.

Monday morning we had a quick breakfast and packed as we had to leave by 11. Once all of that was done we had coffee together to end the weekend. My parents wanted still wanted to go do something as did my sister and one of my brothers. I was too tired and my other brother wanted to go to his girlfriend in Antwerp so he dropped us of at the train station in Breda, which was the closest one on route.

Today was mostly a rest day, but I did have to do some laundry of the past weekend. I managed in two loads. The last one is actually still in the dryer. I also had to do some groceries for Christmas, but fortunately I was able to avoid the big supermarket, so the crowd wasn’t an issue.


I went to AH for some meat subs for Christmas and some regular groceries like bread. Then I went to the health food shop for vegan cream cheese and while I was there I got more meat subs, natto, tea, nutritional yeast (you can’t have too much nutritional yeast, right?) and I finally got my whole head of kale. At most places you can only get shredded kale, which is pretty much only good for mash (and maybe stir fry?) because it’s so tiny and dry. So now I can make kale chips and juice again. And it wasn’t even that expensive. But then again, this doesn’t have to be processed, so maybe that’s why. This one is super fresh, they were just stocking up.

I’m really low on spoons today and it’s a miracle I managed to do groceries. I’m probably writing on borrowed spoons right now, but at least I won’t have to catch up tomorrow. We made dinner together to spread the load (my partner had to work a regular day today, so no time to rest for him). We had burgers with fake cheese and vegan bacon so at least that wasn’t a lot of work, though anything feels like too much right now. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to chill and rest, so it probably won’t be an interesting blog, but well, being low on spoons is a regular part of life with autism.

So that was about it for the last three days. See you tomorrow for a regular blogmas. Bye!

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