Blogmas #23 & 24

Hi guys,

Welcome to the last day of blogmas. Sorry I’m late again. I clearly don’t have the spoons for non-stop blogging for over 3 weeks. Honestly I was able to keep up better than I expected. Oh well, at least I got to know myself a little bit better again. This is going to be a quick one, because within the next our my parents will pick us up to go to my partners parents for our first day of Christmas. Tomorrow will be spent with my parents and my step siblings, the day after with his parents, sister and grandparents.

Yesterday was another lazy day. My breakfast was pink porridge again and my lunch was the same sushi bowl again.


A fresh grocery haul came in. They had forgotten the juice oranges, but I sent them a message and it was fixed an hour later.


Fangorn really enjoys plastic bags for some reason. Don’t worry, we don’t leave him alone with any. He got out just fine and I was there to help him if I wouldn’t be able to.


I love fresh herbs as decoration. It’s like a cute little bouquet but it’s way cheaper and you actually use it, so it’s not a complete waste of farmland. The candies aren’t usually there, but they came with my partners Christmas gift from work. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, it’s popular custom here to give your employers a gift for Christmas, a so called Christmas packet or parcel. Most of these gifts are just boxes of food, not vegan of course. This time about a third was vegan and we kept some non-vegan stuff that was mostly just not vegan because of one silly additive. We’re giving the rest away, because throwing it out would be a waste of course.

After that I had to bring back the key of the apartment we viewed the day before. We still have to sign the contract and all that stuff, so it’s not official yet, but it’s pretty much ours. I’ll tell you more when it’s official.

I’ve been watching Legend of Korra pretty much all afternoon. For dinner we had pan fried potatoes, a veggie sausage and carrots, but I once again forgot to take a picture.

This morning we slept in and had brunch.


Please tell me again how vegans can’t eat anything. Even if you would leave out the substitutes this would still be a pretty nice spread.


Just look how yummy.

I’m going to call it a day, because my parents can be here any moment now. I wish you all the best for the holidays. And if the holidays are a hard time for you I wish you all the strength to get through it. See you after the holidays!


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