Life update

.Hi guys,

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while, so I thought I’d do a little life update. It’s going to be a short one because I’m incredibly tired and I’m on my phone.

I hardly had time to recover from the holidays before my birthday arrived. I turned 25 on the 3rd of January and celebrated it with my family and inlaws on the 8th. Of course I’m used to this, but I’m also used to being able to recover from that. This time however I could not.

The reason I couldn’t is actually quite a happy one: we got a new apartment. However I’m so exhausted it’s hard to feel happy about it.

Our new apartment is actually roughly the same size as our current house, but it’s slightly newer, properly renovated (mostly…) and all on one level so the space we have is much more flexible.

This is the entrance hall of our apartment, which is actually quite big. I’m going to try to create a Japanese style entry area where you can take of your shoes here, because we don’t want shoes inside.

This is going to be my partners hobby room. He’s a guitarist, hence the sound isolation on the walls. He still won’t be able to play on full volume, but it makes quite a difference.

This is our kitchen. It’s not very big, but it’s bigger than the previous one which also doubled as entrance through the back door. This is going to be all workspace though. Next to the dishwasher my mom got me for my birthday (because we finally have room for one) will be our washing machine on one side and our new huge stove oven on the other.

Since our kitchen isn’t very big and we don’t really have any built in storage this little room which is just a bit bigger than the kitchen will become our pantry and will also store our two fridges (we finally won’t have to go outside for our second fridge anymore, which is still in the shed in our old place atm #whitepeopleproblems).

This is our living room. Even though it’s not huge it’s light and airy, which makes it feel a lot bigger than our old living room, even though it’s a bit smaller.

This is our bedroom. It’s a bit oddly shaped as it used to be part of the living room, but it’s plenty big so that should be fine. The reason they made thus into a bedroom is probably because you walk straight into the bathroom from there.

And then this is our bathroom, once again quite an improvement over the old one. It’s not that much bigger but it’s quite a bit more modern and it actually has a window. And it’s not just the smallest room of the house which had a shower put in at some point because showers werent common yet when the house was built but instead it’s actually a proper bathroom. Too bad there isn’t room for a prober shower door, because shower curtains suck. But honestly I’d take any improvement at this point.

This apartment is isolated against the cold so much better than our old place (read: this place is actually isolated) and it has central heating, which our old place did not.

If all goes well we will be moving in tomorrow, which should be just in time for the coldest period so far this winter, so I can’t wait.

I’ll make a proper apartment tour once we’re settled, maybe even in video format, because it’s easier to show more detail that way. I’m going to call it a night while I can still more or less form proper sentences. See you next time!

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