I finally have wifi again

So, the moment has arrived, we finally have wifi in our new apartment. It’s been a lot of hustle, but we’re finally done moving. Our new place is officially our new home now. We have wifi, so our house is complete.

Not really though. Even though the end is getting in sight we’re not done yet. We’ve still got quite a few things to do, but I honestly don’t know where to find the energy anymore. The problem is: not doing it costs a lot of energy too. But having wifi at least means we can relax in a normal way again. We’re not limited to books, movies we downloaded at a friends place (and of course our small dvd collection, but those movies has lost their shine by now) and a limited amount of mobile data. Even offline computergames weren’t really an option, because apparently many of them need online verification when starting up.

But relaxing without wifi is nothing compared to getting things done without wifi. Almost everything is done online now, which is easy is you actually have wifi, but quite a problem without it. When you e-mail companies from your phone because you’d rather not call if you can avoid it (yay social anxiety…) people just don’t understand how you don’t have internet acces. Being able to send an e-mail is not the same as being able to acces all your accounts, because all your passwords are kept in your browser (well, most) and mobile browsers plainly suck. I do believe we managed all of it in the end though.

One of the most annoying bits was when I had ordered fruit and veg from our local green grocer, but the payment hadn’t gone through. It had left our bank account, but it hadn’t been processed yet. I didn’t know though, because I couldn’t log in on the mobile website. After waiting all morning and most of the afternoon for the delivery it finally struck me that I hadn’t had a confirmation e-mail. My partner offered to call them for me, stressed as I was. Indeed, our payment had not come through and thus our order hadn’t even been packed. Kind as they were they told us we would get our order that day anyway and started packing right away. Later that day they called back to confirm that we would have our produce by the end of the work day. When we still didn’t have our order by 8 pm we decided to have a look at our old place, aside from some stuff we still had to pick up completely deserted at that point. And yes, there it was. They had been in such a hurry to pack they didn’t notice the new adres on the packing order. Our old adres still being on the reusable boxes they just dropped it off there, even though there was nobody there, the curtains and lights were gone and the house was almost completely empty. At that point we decide we should just deal with supermarket produce until we had wifi again.

So after weeks we started wondering when we would finally have wifi again. So my partner decided to call. First we got some administrative lady on the phone. Apparently all should be fine, at least on paper it was. So according to her we should have wifi, so she put us trough to a mechanic. He told us they would send someone to check the wires, both to our house and if necessary inside our house and that they would call us if they needed to be inside. But instead of that this super rude man just rang the doorbell impatiently early in the morning, barged into our living room, even though the door to our bedroom (connected to the living room) was open and I was there getting dressed as quickly as I could (which my partner had already done to open the door). Told us we were missing something between the router thingy and the plug (we had it installed last time, but nobody bothered to ask us if we wanted that this time), went down to his van to get it and left all the doors open despite our cat, who could easily have escaped, but didn’t because he was sitting in a corner of our bedroom, terrified of the man. While I searched the house, my partner hurried downstairs, worried our cat might have escaped, searching frantically while getting angry at the man for letting all the doors open to which he responds coldly “yeah, the cat could’ve done but he didn’t” as if he didn’t do anything wrong, animals are thrash (I think he actually couldn’t care less if our cat had got out and got run over or something) and closing doors of peoples houses is just a waste of his time. Then he fixed the thing without saying a word, said “well, that should do it” and left before we even had the time to check if it actually worked. Good thing it did, because I hope to never see that man again.

Well that’s enough ranting for today. Tonight we get a break from all the moving craziness with Scrum. They’re doing a theater tour and one of their shows is in our local theater. I’ve seen them 5 times already, but whatever. It’s not often that something happens in our town we both like, so we might as well enjoy it when it does happen. So yeah, tonight is a little folk evening for us.

So that’s it for today. I hope you don’t mind me ranting like this. Hopefully a proper post will follow soon. See you then. Bye!

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