Day in the life: starting budget challenge preparations

Hi folx,

Welcome to another day in the life. Today is already all about preparations for the budget challenge, because, well, you can’t start a budget challenge without food, so it was time for grocery shopping today.

Today started quite well actually, I woke up at 7, no alarm and quite energized. So I started the day with a banana and chocolate smoothie. Not long after that though I started to feel less well. But me thinking it’s nothing, just a little dip, I went on and got groceries anyway. What’s got to happen has got to happen right.

Once at the grocery shop things went quite well, it wasn’t very busy yet and I had enough distraction from how I felt. I got most of my groceries I wanted to get, which was all of the non-perishables except for dried pulses, because they didn’t have the ones I wanted and some stuff I wanted to get at the Asian food shop.


Once I got back my partner was up and running as well, but I started feeling even worse, so after taking my binder off (it didn’t cause it, but a binder isn’t exactly helpful when breathing is hard) and we went to the Asian food shop together. Unfortunately they didn’t have everything I wanted and some things were more expensive than I anticipated, but I’ll get more in to that tomorrow. Nuts is going get those dried pulses and some yeast at the more expensive grocery store, so then we’ll only need some tofu and produce during the week. But more on that tomorrow for budget challenge day #0 when I’ll show you exactly what I got.

Nuts went out in public in their dress for the first time, which was amazing. They honestly look really great in it, odd as always, but great. It just screamed “fuck gender-roles”, I love it. I’m not sure how they feel about me sharing pictures though, so I’m not going to.

So when we got back I decided to crawl into bed, because I still didn’t feel any better. Nuts being the sweetheart they always are cared for me.


They brought my laptop and my e-reader, so I was set with entertainment.


They made me a pot of green tea with fresh lemon and ginger for a happy tummy.

Fangorn set me up with cuddles.

Then Nuts went out for a walk and retreated to their den afterwards. During that time I managed to take a nap, form which I woke up with Mr Sandman playing outside in a ice cream truck manner, which freaked me out. It took my ages to figure out why that freaked my out so much, in the end drawing the conclusion it’s probably because of Dr Who. By that the sun was shining so bright on the bedroom window it was warm enough to crack a window. The fresh air in combination with the rest was a great improvement.

Nuts made dinner instead of me (I’m the one who actually likes cooking), which was baked fries with a veggie schnitzel and some carrots. After dinner we cleaned up together. Then they went to a party and I crawled back into bed. Hopefully I manage to stay up for the live anniversary episode of the You’re so brave podcast. It’s weird to realize that the podcast being a year old means that I’ve been out to my partner for a little over a year. It feels like it’s been so short but also forever.

So that was my day, hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow. See you then. Bye!

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