Budget challenge day #1

Hi folx,

Welcome to the first full day of my budget challenge. Before I continue blogging I want to disclaim a few things. This challenge is not a representation of extreme poverty. Unlike people who live in extreme poverty I do nut run the risk of starvation. Even though my partner and I are not in the best financial situation and we actually are in a tough spot at the moment, it is nothing compared to what so many people are forced to live like on a daily basis. Being poor is not a choice, if that were true nobody would go hungry. Poverty is not to be taken lightly. Please, if you are in a position to do so, donate to those in need. Recipes do not save lives, direct support – either financial or with food donations – does.

That being said, I hope that me documenting my experience and sharing the recipes I come up with can be of use, even if only to one person. Though I am aware that because of the fact that I’m a house spouse, even though that has it’s reasons, I might be able to make recipes those working long hours don’t have time for.

I’m rather low on spoons today, so I took pictures with my phone and I hope I can make sense.


I started my day by making these flatbreads. They were just improvised, so I wouldn’t really call them anything more specific than that. I made them by combining 3 cups of flour, one sixth of a cube of fresh yeast (about a teaspoon of dry yeast would work too), a pinch of salt and one cup of water, kneading for a couple of minutes, letting it rest for about 15 minutes, rolling them out and baking them at 220ºC for a couple of minutes until they looked like this.

My breakfast was just one of these flatbreads with mustard. After that I had a cup of tea, after discovering each bag makes about 4 cups instead of one, so I’ll probably have plenty.


Then I cooked those beans I soaked yesterday. It’s several portions so I don’t have to prep beans every day. I also cooked quite a bit of rice, so I can just grab that whenever as well.


For lunch I had another flatbread, this time with rice, beans, corn and too much sriracha for my white ass, rolled up like a burrito. I also added ketchup at some point, because it was still a bit dry.

I had planned to go out for produce today, but I didn’t have the spoons to go outside, so I skipped it. Hopefully I can do it tomorrow, I miss veggies.


For dinner we had curried potatoes and a block of tofu I found in the fridge. Let’s pretend I bought that tofu today, which leaves our budget at €32.20. For the curry I peeled and cut about one kg of potatoes. Pressed loads of garlic, about half a bulb. Heated one teaspoon of oil in my wok, fried the garlic, added the potatoes and curry powder, gave a few stirs and then added water, which I forgot to measure, but I think it was somewhere around half to 3/4 of a liter. Then I added some hot sauce, about half a tablespoon I think, but by all means, add this to taste. Then I added half a tbsp of flour to thicken it up. Later I added another half a tbsp of flour, because I didn’t find it thick enough, but near the end it got so thick I added some more water, so half a tbsp is probably enough. I totally forgot to add salt, so I put that on once served. For the tofu I was super lazy, so I just cut it up and put it in the oven at 220ºC straight out of the fridge, seasoned with some salt and paprika powder. The tofu was a bit bland, so I ate that with ketchup, but other than that it was fine, though some onion in the potato thing would have been nice. I really miss veggies though, I really need to get some tomorrow.

Tonight I still need to make soymilk and bread (well, dough) for tomorrow, but I have to wait until the dishwasher is done, because there’s stuff in there I need to be able to do that. I also still need to study Japanese today. I really don’t know if I can get all this done tonight, I’m already tired af, but I’ll update you on that tomorrow. Hopefully I won’t be as rambly then. See you then. Bye!

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