What I eat in a day – trying to eat healthy


Welcome back to my blog. Today I’m back with another what I eat in a day.

My partner has finally been able to get a decent job. And by decent I mean one where they actually get treated like a human being rather than thrash. Because of that relief we have been letting ourselves go a bit – or rather a lot. My body was NOT happy. So I decided to try to eat a lot healthier again. Which should be a lot easier than the past months since we can actually afford a decent amount of fruit and veggies again. Bless having a cheap produce shop nearby. My main goals are having more energy and improving my digestion. Weight loss is actually not on the list (though I’m not avoiding it either). So I’m trying to focus as much as possible on what I do eat, rather than what I don’t – or shouldn’t – eat.


For breakfast I had a smoothie. Just fruit and water. This is how I prefer my smoothies, except maybe with some leafy greens. This one was strawberry, kiwi and banana. It’s still early for strawberries, but they looked so good!


For lunch I had homemade flatbread with a load of veggies. There’s lettuce, cucumber, tomato, red onion, homemade red sauerkraut and homegrown sprouts and kale microgreens. Oh and there’s sauce in there too; vegan mayo, ketchup and hot sauce. There’s a recipe for the flatbread coming up soon!


In the afternoon I finally got around to making these. These are called bolussen and they’re the best sweet bread ever, trust me. Am I the only one who actually prefers sweet bread over cake? Let me know! These are usually not vegan, but with many breads they’re actually rather easy to veganise. I mean if I am going to put in the effort I might as well right. Last week I bought a new load of wheat gluten online for making seitan and I ended up getting two bulk packs of flour too. I got pastry flour and strong flour, 50kg between the two of them. And because it’s bulk I hardly spent more than I would if buying the cheap stuff at the supermarket, and it’s so much better! It’s so much easier to work with, I love it.


Of course I had to have one. Or two… A good cook tastes their work of course… Not to boast but I think these will have to become a recipe too, they’re so frigging amazing! They weren’t quite as sugary as I was used to, but I’m not so sure if that’s actually a bad thing. I know what I’m going to bring to my next potluck.


Lastly there’s dinner. I made myself some potato and lentil curry and blanched some spinach. And of course I ate it with more flatbread. For some reason I struggle making meals like this. I always tend to want some sort of meat substitute. Most of the time tofu or seitan will do the job, but since I tend to cook them with a lot of oil I want to eat less of them.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I eat in a day. Stay tuned for the flatbread recipe and more posts like this. Since it’s autism awareness acceptance month I hope to do some posts on that as well. See you then. Bye!


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