Avoiding the supermarket challenge; day 1

Hi y’all,

Honestly. The first day was tough. It was kingsday, which I’m not exactly fond of for several reasons, but I’ll spare you and not go into that. However, a punk band we both like was playing fairly close by and both the event and the train were free, so we decided to go. It started at 4pm, which was a brilliant time for my morning person self.

I had a smoothie with just bananas, some frozen strawberries and water for breakfast. Not very long after I snacked on a few candies. I’m trying to make those last, but we’ll see how that turns out.


The train journey was far from pleasant honestly. Lots of loud and obnoxious people and I had forgotten my earphones. At least I had my protective plugs luckily. And I brought food. Some of the chicken pot pie pockets I made a week before and still had in the freezer.


When we arrived around 3pm both of us were hungry. There wasn’t that much around where we were and we didn’t feel like walking around the city so we settled for a snackbar.


When we got home both of us were really tired. We decided to check if the local döner truck was open, but the owner was just closing down when we got there. Too bad. At this point I nearly gave in and went to the supermarket, but it was my partner who stopped me and said it wouldn’t matter if we were in the supermarket or in front of a full freezer. And right they were, so we went home. They ate the rest of those chicken pot pie pockets and I ate what’s shown in the picture. I had a flatbread and some meat from the freezer with some fresh veggies.


So yeah, all in all it was technically a success, but I don’t know if I would call it a victory. It was definitely a meat heavy day. But it’s only day one, we have long way to go. I wonder how things will progress.

See you next time!

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