Avoiding the supermarket challenge; day 2

Hi y’all,

Today I’m off to a good start. First thing in the morning I went out to get produce. I always feel like a kid in a candy shop when I’m at the produce shop. There’s just so much goodness. Right now it’s a mix of the first of the summer fruits with the last of the autumn and winter fruits. I spent about €30 on this haul, but the oranges will last me a few weeks.


You may have noticed there’s a lack of greens, even though I have been eating them. But that’s because there’s an abundance of that on our balcony right now. We’re growing them pretty thick and harvesting them young, that way we can have several harvests a year. There’s way too many seeds in a packet for our space anyway, so we may as well get as much out of our space as possible, rather than out of our seeds. One of the varieties didn’t really sprout, but the seeds are old, so too bad.


At the shop they were giving a way pieces of pineapple to taste, so of course I couldn’t resist. I mean, free fruit. When I got home I snacked on a few bruised strawberries and a carrot that had broken off. Then after putting away the produce I finally made breakfast. Today’s smoothie is a little bit fancier than usual. I added orange juice instead of water and I added a bunch of homegrown spinach. It was way sweeter than I’m used to, so I’m glad the spinach was in there to tone it down a bit.


For lunch I cooked a bunch of veggies, fried an egg and heated up some leftover rice. I topped it off with some Korean inspired spicy sauce.


For dinner I made a fresh batch of flatbread and topped it with shawarma and fresh veggies, including homegrown lettuce. Sorry for the poor quality picture. At least I did finally write out my flatbread recipe, which will be linked here. For dessert I had the last ice cream.


Today was definitely easier than yesterday. I guess it’s easier when I’m home and the abundance of produce is probably a great help too. Stay tuned if you want to see how I manage the next two weeks. Bye!

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