Avoiding the supermarket challenge; day 6

Hi y’all,

Today is the 6th day of me avoiding the supermarket. Again this is going to be a quick post, because I’m rather tired. I did not sleep well last night. Hopefully I’ll sleep better tonight.

I started today with a pitcher of fresh orange juice.


The I made a double batch of flatbread, which was quite a workout to be honest, but now we have a nice load of flatbread in the freezer, so worth it. Apparently I had forgotten to take a picture of the result. There is just something aesthetically pleasing about dough though, don’t ask me why.


After making the flatbread I snacked on a banana.


For lunch I reheated some leftover Japanese curry.


For dinner I made meatballs to go with the flatbread and some fresh veggies.


Then after dinner I snacked on a piece of the bar of chocolate I got on sunday.


It’s definitely getting easier to work with what I have. It even starts to get easier to remember to plan ahead and take food out of the fridge. We are running out of a few things we use a lot though, so I might go to the shop and get just those things. Part of me wants to see how well we can do without, but I don’t want to decide to go get them on friday or saturday as those are the busiest days at the supermarket. I guess I’ll decide tomorrow, so check my blog out then to see what happens. Bye!

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