Avoiding the supermarket challenge; day 8

Hi y’all,

We’re officially in the second half of my no shop challenge. Shopping nothing but produce has been going surprisingly well so far, although today I did end up visiting the supermarket. I still did not splurge though, so it’s not a complete failure.

I started today of with two bananas again. I forgot to take a picture, but if you’ve been following me through this challenge you’ve probably seen enough pictures of bananas by now.

After breakfast I went for a walk and to the shops. At the supermarket I got bread, eggs, lemonade and soy milk. At the produce shop I got a load of bananas, a cucumber, two bundles of mint, mushrooms, garlic, tomatoes, a head of cabbage, a bag of discounted carrots and two containers of strawberries. The strawberries are starting to get affordable, so hopefully the peaches and nectarines will get here. I’m so looking forward to those! I spent about €20 in total on this haul and I think this should get us through the week.


When my partner got up we got some financial bad news, so from the stress of that I missed lunch. Later I ended up eating the rest of the seaweed snacks and the candy.


For dinner I made Korean tteokbokki. More or less at least, I am in no place to be the judge on it’s authenticity. This contains rice cake, fish cake, instant noodles, veggies and sauce. For a vegan version you could simply use tofu instead of fish cake or leave it out completely. If you can find it (and if you can afford it) a konyakku (konjac?) based fish substitute would be amazing in this, the texture of those is incredibly similar to that of the fish cake.


For dessert I made myself boba tea (or bubble tea). I had made enough for both of us, but my girlfriend didn’t want any. Oh well, more for me.


I hoped I would have a bit more to write about today, but with everything that happened I’m exhausted now, even though it’s still pretty early. So I’m gonna call it a night and turn in. See you tomorrow!

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