Avoiding the supermarket challenge; day 9 & 10

Hi y’all,

Today is already de tenth day of my two week challenge to only buy produce. Yesterday I missed a day of writing, so I apologise for that. I had a rather bad day yesterday. Today I’m feeling better luckily. So before I get into what I did and ate today, I want to go a little bit into yesterday.

I started my day with bananas, but I don’t remember how many. Soon after I made myself another bubble tea, with some tapioca pearls and tea I still had in the fridge. Unfortunately the pearls had gotten rather tough, they felt more like hard liquorice at this point. Oh well, lesson learned.


For lunch I had the leftover tteokbokki. Well, most of it, the noodles had gotten a bit soggy, but not as much as I had expected honestly.


After lunch we went out, which was one disappointment after another honestly. It also was the trigger for me feeling so bad, but I don’t want to go into that for fear of dragging it open again. We intended to get a snack while we were out, because both of us were hungry, but we ended up getting a sandwich, which was one of the disappointments.


After taking a shitty way back to the train station (instead of along the coast) we treated ourselves to ice cream. Another thing both my body and my bank account weren’t happy with, but oh well, at least it tasted good.


I had planned to eat ramen at home, but both of us were tired and not hungry, so we ate just the piece of chicken and the eggs I had prepped. I forgot to take a picture, but don’t worry, you’re not missing much.

At least last night I slept well, albeit with the help of pain killers, because the pain was keeping me up.

So today I woke up well rested. For my standards at least. I even more or less slept in. Again, for my standards, but you gotta take what you can amirite. So after I got up I tidied the kitchen, which wasn’t too much of a mess luckily. I made some cold drinks, which included various iced teas, infused water and iced coffee. I made a loaf of bread and I got some butter out of the fridge for sugar bread. Throughout I snacked on 4 bananas.


When my girlfriend woke up we went out to get some gardening supplies. We got some potting soil, binding, bamboo shoots and unexpectedly tomato seeds. It’s a bit late to start tomatoes from seed, but you won’t know if you don’t try right. And since it’s in a container we can always move it inside. I’ve also sown spinach, endive and kale. My balcony is getting rather full now, but honestly, having a balcony full of food is a good problem to have.


After doing all of that I was getting hungry, so I snacked on a piece of the bread I made earlier.


For dinner we had bread with salad and chicken. My girlfriend cooked the chicken and made a dip for the bread while I made the salad with homegrown lettuce.


While the chicken was cooking I continued making the sugar bread, which we baked during dinner.


Of course I had to have a piece, even though was already quite full, but you can’t just say no to fresh sugar bread. We’ll save about half for tomorrow though.


So yeah, the challenge continues, even though life goes on. Once again, I’m really tired, but in a much better way this time. See you tomorrow!

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