Avoiding the supermarket challenge; day 13

Hi y’all,

Today is the second to last day of my challenge. Today is also another bad fatigue day. Not quite as bad as yesterday, but that’s about it.

Today I’ve felt very stuck. Stuck in my situation, stuck in my flat, stuck in my body and even stuck in my own head.

I wanted to get out of town for a bit, despite my fatigue, to feel a little less stuck and to get out of the constant noise of the city (small as it may be).

I started my day with two bananas, mostly because they were within reach.

As soon as my girlfriend woke up we packed some food and went out. Unfortunately only had one useable bike and the bicycle pump broke down, so we couldn’t get out of town. Which did not at all help with feeling stuck. But we pushed through and walked (well, I half walked, half biked) our way through the greenery around our block, which include a foresty park and a deer enclosure.

Halfway through we ate the food we packed, which for me meant two boiled eggs and a flatbread from the freezer with the last of the garlic butter from yesterday.

I had completely forgotten to take pictures of anything until now so here’s an older picture of the deer enclosure.

On our way back we passed by the local food truck, and since I wasn’t feeling up to cooking we decided to stop by and get a durum döner wrap for each of us.

Then I got too bored again and craved cookies so I made them.

It took me ages, but I did it.

Then I got in bed at about 5.30 pm and that’s where I’m writing this, once again from my phone. I really hope I feel better tomorrow. I can’t stand being this tired/fatigued, I’m such a busybody, most people would never be able to tell though. Please come back tomorrow for the last day of my challenge and either then or the day after for a conclusion. Bye!

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