Avoiding the supermarket; day 14 and conclusion + why I am no longer vegan

Hi y’all,

Sorry for missing yet another day, I was too brain fogged to write. Honestly, this challenge has not only been a challenge regarding what I buy and eat, but also a writing exercise.

When it comes to what I ate yesterday, to be honest I have no idea, but I know it wasn’t good. We went out and got junkfood, but because of my brainfog my girlfriend had to make sure we could afford it, despite their dyscalculia.

Today I also wanted to touch upon two other subjects. A conclusion of the past two weeks and why I am no longer vegan. I’ve been meaning to talk about that for a while now, but first things first.

I went to the grocery shop 3 times in the past week, despite trying not to. But the first two times I only bought usefull stuff and I didn’t buy junk until the last day. So while it may technically not have been a succes, it was definitely not a total loss. Ive definitely learned that being more mindful of what I buy is definitely more effective than trying to avoid certain foods. I’ve also gotten a lit better at just pulling something outvof the fridge rather than feeling the need to make a specific dish, which was one if my goals. One thing I’m still very bad at is using up pantry items. As long as I have fresh and frozen items I’m good, but once those run low I start struggling again. I’ve also learned I am a lot more sensitive to gluten than I thought. I doubt I’m actually allergic to it, but my body sure wasn’t happy after having eaten seitan. I guess I had just gotten used to it. So I want to cut down on gluten. I’m definitely not going to cut it out altogether, but I really should eat less of it. Overall I’d say this challenge was definitely a good learning experience and, exhausting as it was, I’m glad I’ve done it.

Now as to why I’m not vegan anymore. Before I go into this I want to ask you not to argue about this, specially if you yourself are not a spoonie. That being said, to put it simply, being vegan had become too hard. Between my energy levels, our budget and both of our issues around Sfood it had simply become too much. Don’t get me wrong, my opinion on animal agriculture hasn’t changed. But let’s be honest, there’s no such thing as ethical consumption under capitalism. Sometimes you just have to put yourself first. I still hope to go back to veganism or at least not rely on animal agriculture at some point, but we’ll see what the future brings. For now I’m going to take care of myself first.

I hope you enjoyed my challenge, thank you so much for reading along. Bye!

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