Growing your own: sprouts vs microgreens

Hi y’all,

It’s me again. Today is something a little different. I want to share something about one of the things that has been keeping me busy; growing my own food. I’ve been doing some container gardening both inside and out on my balconies. I can say that it is definitely still very much a learning experience, but a good one. It’s both fun and productive. On the whole I don’t have enough experience yet to share it, but there are two things that go faster, and therefore you learn faster. These two are sprouts and microgreens.

Sprouts and microgreens are so easy to grow, if you can get out of bed and pick up a pitcher of water you can do it. And it’s so nice to have something fresh that you grew yourself to put on the table, and healthy too. So if you want to grow something yourself, these are a great place to start.

So here are some pro’s and con’s of both.

Sprouts pro’s:

  • grow really fast
  • need very little space
  • no soil needed
  • gives a lot of yield

Microgreens pro’s:

  • needs very little attention
  • can be grown outside or in the windowsill
  • needs less water
  • more yield per seed
  • bigger harvesting window
  • can be grown from the seeds of any leafy vegetable

Sprouts con’s:

  • takes up kitchen space
  • takes up more attention
  • needs more water
  • best results from special sprouting seeds
  • needs to be used quickly

Microgreens con’s:

  • needs soil
  • takes longer to grow
  • takes more space

Do you have any experience with sprouts or microgreens? Which are your favourites? Would you like to start growing them? Which one would you choose? Let me know! I like growing both. Thanks again for reading. See you next time. Bye!

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