Big changes!

Hi y’all!

It’s been a while. Again. I really have to work on that. But I have some big news. My girlfriend and I have made a big life decision. We have finally found something we both really want with our lives. Drumroll please! It is… VAN LIFE! Luna has wanted a travelling lifestyle for years, but I have been reluctant. I have had a hard time with the idea of giving up luxury and certainty. But as much as I love a good a shower and a big oven, it’s just not worth being stuck in a flat for the rest of my life.

Even I have been wanting to get out of here more and more and we came to the conclusion that van life is the best achievable way for us to do that. It will definitely take a few years of hard work before we can leave, but if we don’t try we will never get anywhere. Our goal is to eventually settle somewhere and grow a food forest, with or without other people, but only time can tell when and where that will happen. But we know that we can’t decide on a place to settle from here.

I’ve been quiet for a while because I didn’t really have anything I was proud of enough to share. However hopefully this decision will change that.

Why van life? Why not just go by bike? The biggest reason is my health. But beside that I honestly would like a little more luxury than a tent as well as a little bit more of a place to call home than a tent. A van would allow us to carry significantly more stuff, allowing for a solid bed, more options for cooking and keeping my shop open.

This decision is very recent and we have only just started saving up, so it’s going to take a while before any non-financial preparations are going to happen. But if you want to keep up with those preparations

Aside from that I also finally upgraded this site. I can sell stuff from here, so that might give me the option to close down my etsy, but I have to figure things out first. I now also monetized this site, so hopefully I can make a few pennies of that. If I manage to keep writing that is. I may have a few too many projects going on…

One of which is my recipe book, or books, I’m not quite sure. This too has been on the back burner for a bit. Since our diet has changed quite a bit over the past few months I’m not as excited about creating recipes anymore and the old plan of making a vegan cookbook seems a bit weird now. So I’ve decided to make it a spoonie friendly cookbook that doesn’t require any animal products but doesn’t completely rule them out either. For example when yoghurt is listed as an ingredient the reader can choose wether they want to use dairy yoghurt or vegan yoghurt. By this I am hoping to put the main focus on accessibility.

I think that’s it for the big updates. I hope to see you soon again. Bye!

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