Blog + heatwave tips

Hi y’all,

Welcome back! And so soon, I know! I really want to try to commit, but honestly that’s something I strugle with. Not just for this blog, but with just about anything. But today I’m here because I wanted to talk about the heatwave. I want to leave the elephant in the room for what it is on this topic and I just want to talk about tips to deal with the heat and share how I deal with the heat. Spoiler: not very well.

I’m probably not the only one who sleeps poorly when it’s hot. I deal.with insomnia regularly, but it gets a lot worse with weather like this. Tonight I actually slept 6 hours straight, which is somewhat of a miracle. On good insomnia days I have no trouble sleeping twice that in winter, so you could probably guess that I still didn’t exactly wake up rested.

So coffee it was this morning.

I made coffee yesterday and froze it, so today I could make a frappuchino type thing. Honestly the coffee wasn’t quite strong enough, but other than that it was great. Maybe for the amount I made it was for the best though, I’m not a huge caffeine drinker. The frappe itself wasn’t the only thing I tried for the first time. I made it with goats milk. Goats milk supposedly digests more easily than cows milk, and I think for me it does. Later this week I’m going to try lactose free cows milk yoghurt, I wonder how that will go.

For breakfast I had two soft rolls with sandwich sprinkles. Honestly I kind of missed that when I was vegan. Not so much for the taste, but it’s so convenient.

Then afterwards I went to the shops. I have and annoying little wound on my tongue that keeps catching on the retainer wire behind my teeth, so I got some gum to cover up the wire. I also went to the produce shop for some fruit, because you can’t get through a heatwave without fruit of course. I got a watermelon, some cherries, some plums, some fresh mint and a pineapple. Although the latter may not have been the best idea with that wound on my tongue. Oh well I can always freeze it.

I tried to read most of the morning, but I struggled because I was too tired. I’m currently reading the outlander series. I’m in book 4 and so far I love it, but it’s not exactly the easiest thing I’ve read. Maybe even the hardest thing I’ve gotten this far in. Eventually around 11am I even fell asleep on the couch. The nap was short but sweet.

Not too long after noon my girlfriend woke up (Luna works evenings) so we got ready to go out.

We tried to find a nice spot by the water that wasn’t too far from home, but honestly we got bored really soon. At least we got some fresh air though.

On our way back however, we did write down contact information for the allotments. We’ve decided that we want to look into a space where I can learn a little bit more about growing food than I can on my balcony, and of I can make investing in pots worthwile, I can definitely make renting an allotment worthwile.

Not long after we got back Luna went to their parents for dinner. I would have gone too, but I was too tired to deal with people.

At around 7pm my hunger finally kicked in, so I made quite a bit of food. Mostly junk food, but oh well, it’s something.

But how do I actually deal with the heat? Here’s a few tips.

1) Ok this one is obvious, but drink enough. And it doesn’t have to be just water. While water is of course ideal, just about anything other than alcohol and seawater will hydrate you. Yes even coffee. Apparantly while coffee does have diuretic properties, it’s not enough to cancel out the liquid. Don’t quote me on that though, I’m no expert.

2) Ice packs. This too is fairly obvious, but I didn’t want to leave it out. If your body struggles to cool itself down, ice packs – or better, a cold compress – can be a great help. Be carefull though, don’t put them directly on the skin and don’t leave them in the same spot for too long.

3) Bug repellent. This one doesn’t directly help with the heat itself, but it definitely helps you sleep better. Either something with deet or something with real citronella oil works best.

4) Cold brew mint tea. You may have seen pictures of it on my instagram, but I’ve been making a lot of cold brew mint tea lately. Steeping the tea in cold water has a few advantages. The first is that you don’t have to use any heat. The second is that the tea will be less bitter, so you can use way less sweetener. I personally use about 1/5 of the amount of sweetener for this compared to regular iced tea. Of course you can make this with many herbs, not just mint, but I like the mint for it’s cooling properties.

5) Avoid cooking. Specially cooking indoors. Now I’m not saying order in (although you do you), but when it’s so hot you don’t need more heat in the house. Bread with (veggie) meat and a (often imaginary) salad is one of my go-to’s. Another great option is cooking starches in batches and make salads and bowls with those. And for breakfast and lunch there’s always fruit of course.

6) Get fresh air. Whether you go outside or just crack as many windows as possible, fresh air is important. It always is, but in this weather it gets stuffy inside even faster.

7) As we already new, breathing is important, so loose clothing is great. Don’t bind if you can avoid it. And just generally make yourself as comfortable as possible.

8) Run your head under the tap. Not just the cold water, but also the water evaporating make you cool off. Of course showers and swimming are great, but this takes a lot less energy. Be careful in the sun when wet though.

9) Last but not least, be most active (whatever active is by your standards) in the morning and the evening and rest during the afternoon. Why do something when it’s 35°c when you could do it when it’s 25°c.

I think that’s it for now. I hope it will get cooler soon. I love summer, but this is a bit much. And I hope I see you again soon. Bye!

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