Budget challenge: day 3

Hi folx,

Welcome to day three of the budget challenge. I’ve mostly been studying today, so it’s not a very interesting day.

I started the day by baking bread for my partner, this time they had made the dough themself last night. Once that was done I made myself breakfast


Today I absolutely did not feel like having porridge, so I made myself some pancakes. Oat-banana pancakes to be more exact. I made the batter by blending up one cup of oats, one cup of soy milk and a banana and frying it in a little bit of oil. In a good frying pan you might be able to make them without oil, but my frying pan sucks. I didn’t have any syrup though, so I made that too. I meant to make salted caramel, but you need to heat the sugar by itself first for it to actually properly caramelize, but me being momentarily brain dead (which seems to happen a lot lately) I just added two cups of sugar, 1,5 cup of water and a teaspoon of salt to a pot and boiled the crap out of it. As you can see by the colour it did caramelize a bit. It made enough for quite a few servings of pancakes though, so I’ll probably have those more often.

After breakfast I made a bunch of flash cards for studying Japanese. It was quite a lot of work, but I managed to finish the hiragana ones. I hope this helps remembering which is which.

Lunch was once again leftovers from dinner the night before.


For dinner I’m having pasta. I’m eating as I’m writing and I’m in a hurry because I’m supposed to go to the gym with my mom in 45 minutes. I don’t want to write afterwards either though, because I’ll be in bed way too late again. Anyway, the pasta is just cheap spaghetti and the sauce is tomato puree with garlic, black pepper, salt, oregano, paprika and sriracha and I topped it with pan fried tofu. I overcooked the pasta though, so it’s not very good.

Well, I’m off now, I hope I can finish my food before my mom gets here. Bye!

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