Blog: health problems update

Hi y’all,

It’s been a few days since I posted about some health problems. I promised and update then, and since there’s actually something to update on, here we are. Before I continue I want to put out a disclaimer that I took some steps I might not necessarily recommend to others. Each situation is different.

I hope I can keep this a little more brief than the last one, but at least I can promise it won’t be as emotional. There will be

{TW: laxative mention} The problems are far from gone, but I’ve been in a lot less pain and I’m even getting a bit more energy. Since what my gp prescribed only seemed to make matters worse, so I decided to stop taking the laxative rather than up my dose and haven’t taken steps to use the enema. Instead I decided to try to help matters by adapting my diet. I did some research and found the low-fodmap diet, but that seemed so complicated and confusing I decided to try it my own way.

I decided to ditch dairy, gluten, dark meat, highly processed foods and excessive amounts of oil. When it comes to gluten, I don’t think it’s the actual gluten that’s the problem, but those grains seem to give me issues. That’s quite a list, but at least there’s still rice and potatoes… It’s going to be a struggle with my budget, but so far it seems to be helping. It seems my gut has been irritated and is now healing. It’s going to take time and hopefully I can at least reintroduce the gluten at some point, but I’d rather be doing this than attack a single symptom. Let’s hope I can find out for sure what the problem is when things at the hospital get going.

The next three weeks are going to be super busy with hospital visits. In two days I have my consult for top surgery. Two weeks later I have my first appointment in another hospital regarding my fatigue and everything related to that. Then in another week I have another appointment with my gender therapist and an appointment with the endocrinologist. I’m both very excited and very anxious for all of them. I’m already tired when I think about them (granted, I’m always tired) and I’m not looking forward to the bills, but if everything goes well the results should be worth it.

I think that was it for the boring health stuff. Hopefully I can share something a little more interesting when I get back from my top surgery consult. I can’t believe that in two days I’ll know when I have a flat chest! See you then. Bye!

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